What Happens Each Day at Bluegrass at the Beach?

On Sunday at noon we start with a welcome and a camp kickoff. You will meet the instructors and staff, get an overview of the week's schedule, and get answers to any questions that you may have. The rest of the day is spent in individual classes and in general orientation.

During each weekday you will be in your instrumental class until lunch. The second half of each day (except Friday) is spent singing and playing in a variety of optional workshops, including vocal harmony, vocal technique, rhythm, and popular bluegrass-related topics. Late afternoon you can either join in on a great repertoire class to learn lots of new songs or participate as a member in one of the performing ensemble groups coached by our featured instructors.

Bluegrass at the Beach BBQSUNDAY NIGHT
On Sunday evening, Bluegrass at the Beach organizes an introductory fresh tuna fish barbecue at the Nehalem Bay State Park campground. The tuna is typically caught off the Oregon Coast within a day of the barbeque and the dinner is always a huge success that will not even remotely remind you of Starkist!

This is a free night. Jamming at the campsites and student ensemble practices are the typical fare.

Bluegrass at the Beach ParadeTUESDAY NIGHT
The annual Bluegrass at the Beach Parade will form near our assigned campsites in the Nehalem Bay State Park, and we will carry on through the Park to attract as much attention as possible to our Participants Concert to be held later that night at the Nehalem Bay State Park Amphitheater located a short walk from the Pacific Ocean. This event is usually overflowing with enthusiastic performers, and every one from the State Park is welcome to come and join us for the evening.

Every year the Nehalem Bay Winery holds a big event for us that includes several great bands. This unique event includes music and food, is open to the whole community, and is a great party not to be missed. Those who are not students but are interested in attending this event should call the Nehalem Bay Winery at 503-368-5300 and ask about the Bluegrass at the Beach event. The party begins around 6 PM, and the Winery staff provides dinner.

Our music camp would not be complete without the popular Thursday night ensemble performance. This is where the daily practice of the student ensembles culminates in a music event held at the North County Community Center Auditorium. We all get together to put on a concert for each other and the community, complete with lights and a professional sound system run by Paul Knight, who helps Laurie Lewis with sound on numerous tours. The instructors complete the evening with the usual stellar-level of their musical excellence and outrageous humor. The place is always packed and the energy is contagious! There's nothing quite like the final night at Bluegrass at the Beach.

We extended the camp into Friday morning to allow for a more relaxed final lesson and a bit more time for the sweet sorrow of departing from old and newfound friends. Camp posters are signed, contact info is exchanged and we wind up another year with eagerness for next time. By the end of the week, Bluegrass at the Beach has worked its way into the hearts of all who attended. They truly know they have shared something very special.

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