Am I Really Sleeping on the Beach?

Only if you really want to . . Bluegrass at the Beach has plenty of conveniently located accommodation options:

Nehalem Bay State Park, just three miles from the classrooms, is where most of the Bluegrass at the Beachers stay. The park offers excellent camping, hot showers, even your choice of daily papers and is just minutes from beautiful sandy beaches! Each year, Bluegrass at the Beach reserves a block of 30 or more campsites for camp participants and their families. Camping is inexpensive, and the sites are large enough to accommodate two or three parties for a further cost savings.

Bluegrass at the Beach Nehalem Bay State ParkCheck the Nehalem Bay State Park web site for all the particulars on the campground. No need for you to reserve campsites as we have already reserved our campsites for the week beginning on Saturday night. You will be sent a list of Campsites with your registration packet and we will have someone on site to help you settle into your new home for the week.

Camping sites for the 2008 camp will be reserved for Satruday afternnon August 9th through Saturday morning, August 16th. Nehalem Bay State Park has been good to us over the years, and staffers go out of their way to help us out. They appreciate how Bluegrass-at-the Beachers respect the park, its rules and other campers, and we appreciate their continued support. The park's meeting hall will be our group center at the campground.

Bluegrass at the Beach accommodationsNEARBY COMMUNITY OPTIONS
Manzanita, a small community just north of the state park, offers a variety of rental opportunities, from large houses to motels and cottages. Manzanita has three grocery stores, including a Natural Food Store, many little shops, restaurants, horseback riding and windsurfing. Nehalem is filled with antique stores and little shops that encourage looking and buying. Fourteen miles to the north is Cannon Beach, a popular tourist location with lodging, shops, galleries and restaurants. Just four miles north of Manzanita is Short Sands Beach, a beautiful protected cove for swimming, surfing and lying on the beach.

For rental or campsite information, contact program director Stephen Ruffo at (360) 385-6836 or by e-mail at You can also contact Manzanita Rental directly at (800) 579-9801.

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